Different types of Dentists

There are about as many types of dentists as there are teeth in your mouth, and while most of us think of the general dentists that clean our teeth and who we commonly see whenever it’s time for checkups, It’s not the only type of dentist out there.

From surgeons to dentists who focus on one specific task in the mouth, the next time you see a dental practice los angeles you might just be wondering what type of dentist it is!

Dentists you might encounter

Orthodontists: These guys are the repairmen of the dentist world, and they not only install braces and fix crooked teeth, but they also do a ton for your face by using mouthguards, retainers, and masks to realign your face and bone.

Oral surgeons: Oral surgeons focus on the palates, tongue, and cheeks, and work on fixing the face through surgery. They fix things such as cleft lips, jaw corrections, and even extract teeth if needed.

Prosthodontist: If you need missing teeth filled in or a set of dentures, a prosthodontist will help you out when needed. These new teeth can help you chew, talk, and smile more effectivity. When the repaired smile ads come on tv, these are the dentists who do it all.

For the children

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Pediatric Dentists work with your young child from their first tooth and beyond, making the dentist office fun with bright colors, movies, toys, and kind words to alleviate any fear. They are the calming presence that makes the dentist fun and not so scary, and without them most kids wouldn’t go!

You’ll probably hear about or will interact with all of these dentists during your life, and understanding who they are and what they do can only give you the advantage when it comes to booking those appointments.